The Wire Fever


Among the many, many dreams Interboro has that it suspects it will never fulfill is the dream to one day assemble, edit and contribute to a scholarly, urban theory-heavy examination / appreciation of HBO’s The Wire. It will be a big, colorful book with lots of pictures, maps, and demographics. It would be released in conjunction with a major exhibition. It will have chapters called “Hamsterdam as Heterotopia,” and “Keeping to the Actors: The Wire and Actor-Network Theory.” There would be a panel discussion with Douglass Massey and Nancy Denton about about the persistence of the ghetto and the continuing causes of segregation. Interboro would teach a Wire class at MICA. Someone would revisit Newman’s ideas about defensible urbanism in the contemporary city. A labor historian would discuss the history of the Stevedoer, with an emphasis on his role in the Network Society. David Simon and Ed Burns would have a forward about the individual v. the institution. It will be the best book ever published. In the meantime, as the premiere of Season 4 of the Wire approaches, Interboro feels compelled to tip its hat to its favorite television show, and to insist that you watch it.