Common Room 2


Lars Fisher, Todd, and Maria have invited Interboro to exhibit some work at the incredible Common Room 2 Gallery, which is in the lobby of a Herman Jessor-designed office building in the Seward Park housing complex. With the exception of IsDR Architecture, the office building is tenanted by institutions offering support services for residents of Co-op Village, most of whom are over 65 (Co-op Village has been designated a NORC, or a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community). One of the things that is so interesting about the space, is how it forces people in the retirement community to brush shoulders with people from the architectural community; it’s so much more interesting than, say, a gallery space in Chelsea.

The exhibition, which is titled “Lobbying,” will be an exhibition of old and new work by Interboro. The show opens on Tuesday, 2/13. Come by between 6:00 and 8:00 for some drinks and stuff!