Introducing MEx


Interboro, in collaboration with Al Attara, is pleased to announce the birth of The Metropolitan Exchange (MEx). MEx is our plan for a design-firm incubator in our office at 33 Flatbush. Concept At the heart of the concept of the incubator is the shared resource. Usually, this means businesses sharing expensive physical resources such as copy machines, video projectors, and model-making equipment. Our concept for the proposed Metropolitan Exchange is for an incubator in which businesses in the incubator treat each other as resources as well. According to this concept, the incubator is a coalition of design firms that have similar sensibilities, but different specializations. The hope is that by mixing, say, architects, landscape architects, planners, ecologists, scholars and artists, numerous opportunities will emerge for creative (and sometimes strategic) collaboration. Here, firms would maintain their autonomy, but would simultaneously have the option to combine their (complementary) skills, ideas, and portfolios to create a larger, more comprehensive company known, appropriately, as ‘The Metropolitan Exchange.’ Voltron, the anime-style cartoon that was popular in the 1980s offers a (somewhat silly) analogy for what we’re talking about. Voltron was about a squadron of fifteen fighter pilots each with his own specialties who, when faced with the prospect of a particularly fierce adversary, assembled their jets together to form Voltron, an all-powerful robot that was greater than the sum of its parts. Upon defeating said adversary, the figher pilots would disengage, thereby temporarily deactivating Voltron and reactivating their individual identities. Similarly, in the Metropolitan Exchange, Interboro (for eample) would still be Interboro for most projects, but, when faced with the prospect of a particularly big job, Interboro would activate the ‘Metropolitan Exchange,’ and would thereby harness the office’s diverse array of skills. Are you interested in being a part of MEx? Shoot an email over to: Make sure you put the word ‘MEx’ in the subject heading.