the urban is everywhere always at Hafele Showroom


Interboro’s Hafele showroom exhibition “the urban is everywhere always” is now up and running. Thursday night’s opening / lecture was real fun. Special thank yous are in order for Chat Travieso and Zeke Altenbernd, two of Interboro’s talented interns whose assistance with the installation was invaluable. A special thank you also to Hafele’s John Risch, who was a gracious and accommodating host. The exhibition is up until 5/3/07. The Hafele Showroom is at 25 e. 26thStreet. Interboro decided to organize the work around three tours, representing three different ways of viewing the work. If you’re short on time (or just aren’t very interested) take Tour 1: Short. If you have a bit more time, or are somewhat interested, take Tour 2: Medium. If you have lots of time, and are very interested, take Tour 3: Long. Tour 4: Extra Long is for die-hards, close friends and relatives. Here is the introductory statement to the show: The urban is not something that only exists in places like New York, or Paris. It’s not something that thrived through the 40s, then began to decline as people moved away from center cities. It’s not something that is synonymous with walkability, or civility, or even face-to-face communication. It might be these things, but it is countless other things, too. The point is: the urban has many faces. There are versions of urbanity, types of urbanity. The urban is alive. The urban evolves! And so it takes on unfamiliar (and sometimes funny looking) forms. And so it pops up in the most unexpected places, and at the most unanticipated times. And so the urban is everywhere always. And so it’s our job to verse ourselves in these versions; to hear them, speak in them, and yes, design in them.