Hoexter Living Center


Hoexter Living Center is our submission to an invited competition to redesign a series of public spaces in Hoexter, Germany. The city was interested in ugrading the area around the old market because the retailers surrounding had begun to ebb. Interboro’s submission–which is currently being considered–consists of a number of simple moves aimed at making a more attractive, vibrant, and sensitive space for citizens to relax, shop, and congregate. The plan, which utilizes new paving, water, plantings and light elements to enforce and enhance the strengths of four distinct areas of the plaza, is especially sensitive to the manifold rhythms that characterize the plaza, adapting to the days, the seasons, and the city’s festival schedules.

Project Team: Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, Eckart Graeve, Georgeen Theodore

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