Interboro at Design Center Baltimore


Last night, Interboro gave a talk at the third meeting of Design Center Baltimore, a group of Baltimoreites who meet from time to discuss local planning and design issues. This particular meeting, which was organized by Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson and Fred Scharmen, and which took place at the Windup Space, was called “Start Thinking Small, Baltimore.” From the invite:

After peaking at over 1 million inhabitants, Baltimore’s population now hovers around 600,000. But does this smaller population necessarily diminish Baltimore’s value or potential as a city?”

Rather than trying to recreate the city of the past, wouldn’t it be a far more interesting exercise to consider how to design and plan for this new, shrinking city and to imagine the opportunities and challenges of a post-industrial, American town like Baltimore? What would you do with the abandoned, empty houses? What are your creative solutions for infill? How might the zoning change? How can we re-imagine the urban ecology?

An excellent topic indeed. Interboro was honored to have an opportunity to share its thoughts about “thinking small.” Interboro did so by talking about “ghostwriting,” a methodolgy it has employed in many of its projects, including “Improve Your Lot!” “Deploy the Devoider!” and a number of other projects that have exclamation marks in their titles.

Interboro looks forward to returning to future Design Center events to see how this grass-roots initiative can influence the growth (or shrinkage) of the city.