Matthew Stadler at the Metropolitan Exchange


Last night, MEx held a lecture by Matthew Stadler, as part of CUP’s “People and Buildings” lecture series.

From his bio:

Matthew Stadler is a writer and editor who lives in Portland, Oregon. He has written four novels and received several awards and fellowships in recognition of his work. He has compiled four anthologies about literature, city life and public life. His essays have been published in magazines and museum catalogs around the world, and focus on architecture, urban planning and the problem of sprawl. However for Stadler, an interpreter of Thomas Sieverts, the fact that sprawl is always presented as a problem is perhaps the real problem. He is, like Bruegmann, a critic of critics of sprawl, but unlike Bruegman (and also Randal O’Toole), who harp on analytic arguments emphasizing the efficiency of sprawl, Stadler seems to want to perform a kind of Dewian redescription of “where we live now” that doesn’t fall into the trap of identifying it with something so pejorative. This is a very important project indeed.

Thanks to CUP and to Stadler for a wonderful, truly inspiring lecture.

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