Meet Interboro’s New Interns


Interboro would like to take this opportunity to introduce four very capable interns who will be joining it this summer. Interboro feels extremely privileged to have them.

K.C. Howe joined Interboro this summer to intern in the office for the month of July. K.C. comes from Interboro’s own alma mater, Bard College (in upstate NY), where he is a history major. Since neither Urban Studies nor Architecture are recognized majors at Bard yet, K.C. operates as a guerrila student, striking at urbanism classes wherever and whenever they show up.

John Krauss studies architecture at Columbia and enjoys design and music. He used to hunt New York for the very cheapest food, until he realized he was buying things he wouldn’t eat if they were free. He has since adopted a healthier attitude towards nutrition and life.

Micaela Roberts is an Environmental Design major at MICA.

Intern Eric Schwartau is a senior at Vassar College majoring in urban studies with a concentration in media studies and architecture. His favorite activities include tasteful dancing, proactive internet-surfing, collage-ing, and gambling.