Thomas Watkin from Collectif OOB at “Metropolitan Exchanges”



Last night, MEx held a lecture by Thomas Watkin, from the Paris-based urban research group Collectif OOB, as part of MEx’s “Metropolitan Exchanges” lecture series.

Collectif OOB’s bio notes that the collective shares an interest in the relationships between the social sciences and architectural processes, both as disciplines and practices,” and “carries out research on the politics of urban redevelopment, the ethics and aesthetics of architecture, and the transformation of how architectural projects are realized.” This is an intriguing mission indeed; apart from hackneyed conversations about some “crisis in architecture,” there seems to be so little self-reflexivity in architecture, so little discussion about why we value the things we value, or of how the lens that we see the world through influences how we understand the world. While there are plenty of architects interested in sociology, there are few who are interested in performing a sociology of architecture. Interboro looks forward to seeing what OOB does in the future.