Community Brochure Roundup


For the 2009 International Architecture Biennale, Interboro has been colleting brochures from private, master planned communities around the country. Initially, Interboro thought it could collect one from every such community in the US, but as no database exists that lists them all, this has proven difficult. Anyway, piles of brochures have been pouring in from every state. Of the 201 collected so far, here is how they break down:

51% of community brochures use the word “lifestyle”

28% use the word “dream”

32% use the word “luxury”

9% use the word “paradise”

21% use the word “ecology”

13% use the word “exclusive”

49% of the communities have golf courses

21% have fishing

83% have swimming pools

64% of the communities are gated

73% of the housing stock in the communities consists of single-family houses

28% of the communities have over 200 housing units

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