Download Community and the Open City RFP


Download the RFP here.

As some of you know, Interboro is co-curating the 2009 International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (, a “thematically oriented bi-annual event that explores to what extent architects, with their knowledge, skills, and imaginative powers, can contribute to solving urgent problems in contemporary society.” This year’s Biennale will explore the “Open City,” loosely defined as “an arena in which diverse social and ethnic groups can coexist, interact, and generate complex relationships and networks.”

As co-curators, our job is to explore the ideal of the Open City, and consider its influence on the built environment in America by looking at the past, present and
future of the American community. Our starting point is the sentiment-so prevalent in the literature on the topic-that the ideal of the Open City has had little influence in America, where homogeneous, exclusionary communities rule the day. Is this sentiment true? Could like-minded clustering “tear America apart,” as Bill Bishop recently suggested? What can architects, planners, and artists do to foster heterogeneity in America’s communities? Is heterogeneity as valuable a goal as advocates of the Open City say it is? These are some of the questions we will be
exploring in this exhibition.