MICA Arsenal of Exclusion Project up now around Baltimore


If you are out and about Baltimore this week, you might encounter an acrylic bin, mounted on a stake, and containing a stack of black & white brochures. These were put there by the members of a research seminar called “Architecture, Art, and the Open City” that Interboro teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art. To the right you can see a simple description of the project, which Interboro thinks turned out quite well! Architecture, Art, and the Open City is: Lynley Bernstein, Kat Buckley, Ingrid Burrington, Mimi Cheng, Claire Cote, Kyle De Lotto, Daniel D’Oca, Maria Duke, Heather Goad, Leanne Guaneri, Katie Hale, Leah Horowitz, Amelia Jordahl-Bueti, Ryan LeCluyse, Ashley Mack, Meghan Milostan, Becca Morrin, Kat Nammacher, Neal Reinalda, Zev Schmitz, Carrie Schneider, James Singewald, Becky Slogeris, Michael Spears, Rob Starr, Jonathan Taube Special thanks to: George Ciscle, Guna Nadarajan, Rafael Soldi, Barbara Samuels, David Freund, Edward Orser, Nathan Connolly, and the Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism

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