Speedism at the IABR


When last Interboro was in The Netherlands, it spoke at an event hosted by Slowlab. On this last trip, Interboro was part of a program of events that included a performance by Speedism. Next time, Interboro will bring them together for a panel discussion about the respective merits of slowness and speediness.

Anyway, watching Speedism perform their architectural parable about a post-flood world of isolated tower cities was a most enjoyable experience. Speedism does what I guess could be called live Photoshopping. As one member manipulates layers in enormous, highly detailed Photoshop-generated landscapes another narrates a story about that landscape, with musical accompaniment. It really needs to be seen to be appreciated (and understood). From their website: “Speedism develops visual universes, theoretical landscapes, denkräume, narratives and scenarios. Speedism uses different forms of input, ranging from Wikipedia, mythology, urban theory, geopolitical analysis, technical restrictions, music, and so on, in a random and non-hierarchical order. They are often mixed into images in the chronological order they are collected, with no pre-set planning, creating a result that is never an ending point but always gives rise to a new point of departure.”

Original, intelligent, beautiful, beguiling. Interboro hopes they will come to New York one of these days.