Northern Fairmount Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan


Interboro was hired by the City of Newark Department of Housing and Economic Development Division of Planning and Community Development to draft a Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan for the Northern Fairmount Area of Newark.

Interboro’s mission was to build on the Northern Fairmount neighborhood’s assets to attract more residents, and to improve the overall quality of life for existing residents.

Our plan deploys three strategies: Westmarketing, Educating, and Catalyzing. “Westmarketing” is an advertising campaign that lets Newarkers know that neighborhood is a great place to live. “Educating” seeks to help existing residents and potential residents become homeowners by helping them make informed and responsible decisions regarding home purchases. “Catalyzing” uses design proposals, zoning recommendations and investments to increase the amenities and improve the physical environment of the neighborhood.

Project Team: Tobias Armborst, Matthew Clarke, Daniel D’Oca, Samu Szemerey, Georgeen Theodore, Pedro Torres


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