Holding Pattern at MoMA PS1


Holding Pattern is our project for the 2011 Young Architects Program. It is about 1) recycling and 2) strengthening connections between a large, powerful institution (MoMA PS1) and its neighbors.

The Young Architects Program invites architects to create a temporary environment for the celebrated Warm Up music series. To avoid designing and building something we would have to throw away when Warm Up was over, we ensured that all of the project’s components would have a home when the project was deinstalled. We did this by making matches between things institutions in the neighborhood needed and things that would enhance the experience of the MoMA PS1 courtyard. We met with local institutions, asked them what they needed, selected items we thought were a good match, then designed and built them with the understanding that they would be “held” at MoMA PS1 during the summer.

When Holding Pattern was deinstalled this past fall, we delivered 79 objects and 84 trees to more than 50 organizations in Long Island City.

Because we expanded our client base from one client (MoMA PS1) to over 50, Holding Pattern operated like an urban design project. The environment we created responded to different desires in ways that a fixed piece of architecture couldn’t, and giving the neighborhood a stake in the design made locals more likely to patronize the museum.

During the summer, these objects sat in the MoMA PS1 courtyard under a canopy constructed by stringing ropes from holes in MoMA PS1’s 16-foot tall concrete wall to the parapet across the courtyard. Just as Hugh Ferris revealed the potential of New York City’s 1916 zoning code by drawing the theoretical building envelope, we revealed the very odd, idiosyncratic space of the courtyard and created an inexpensive and column-free space for the activity below. From the ground, the experience was of a soaring, hyperboloid surface.

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For more information about Holding Pattern, you can download the official press release here.

Project Team Tobias Armborst, Principal Daniel D’Oca, Principal Georgeen Theodore, Principal Rebecca Beyer Winik, Project Manager Buro Happold, Structural Engineering Kathleen Cahill Andrew Coslow Jenessa Frey New York Restoration Project Trevor Lamb Thumb, Graphic Design Jordan Alport Bryson Armstrong Thomas Asfor Moulee Basumallik Douglas Battersby Derrick Benson Christine Berdahl Lorenzo Bertolotto Heidi Bullinga Ingrid Burrington Julian Bushman-Copp Alexander Castro Terry Chew Carey Chiaia Severn Clay Heather Day Rafael de Carvalho Vanessa Deflache Blanca Eleta Ethan Fischer Javier Fuentes Nicole Gabbard Adrian Garcia Rana Ghobadian Lesser Gonzalez, Illustration Aaron Green Jacquelyn Haas David Himelman Lucy Huerta Kevin Hyun Mayya Itenbergy Jenna Kaminsky Rami Kassis Nancy Kim Kaja Kuhl Tina Lee Chris Leppert Matt Lohry Rachael London Willy Mann Richard May Andrea Michalski Gina Morrow Kristin Mueller New York Restoration Project Brian Novello, Rendering Joel Okpala David Perez Amy Peterson Carsten Rodin Anne Schmidt Nancy Seaton Becky Slogeris Folarin Soetan Joe Solfaro Amelia Szpiech Chat Travieso Yifan Wang Philip Weller Michael Winik Tony Zhang

Special Thanks Benjamin Ball Bancker Construction Corp. Bancker Electric Cristobal Correa Amy Gavaris Harvard University Graduate School of Design Darin Johnson Maryland Institute College of Art Valerie Moss New Jersey Institute of Technology NJIT Model Shop Barrett Robinson Hillary Sample Joerg Schwartz Yeohlee Teng Jeff Thompson Chris Vanterpool Vassar College Michael Yoken Pasqualina Azzarello, Recycle-A-Bicycle Alyson Baker, Socrates Sculpture Park Denise Ballard, St. Margaret Mary Church Fr. Ralph Barile, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church David Bentham, John Murray Playground Joe Block, Partnership for Parks Andrew Bogardt, East River State Park Nathan Brachfield, New York Center for Rehabilitation Care Richard Camiso, PS 17 Henry David Thoreau Tamir Chen, Flux Factory Mark Christie, Long Island City Community Garden Jonathan Cohen, 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc. Jules Corkery, Astoria Park Butterfly Garden Cynthia Dickman, PS 17 Henry David Thoreau Madge DiPippo, St. Rita’s Roman Catholic Church Samatha Dolanzano, Les Enfants Montessori School Claire Doyle, Astoria Park Alliance Katie Ellman, Green Shores NYC Janet Farrell, PS 166 Henry Gradstein Paul Finnegan, New York Irish Center Veronica Franklin, Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement House K. Emmanuel Fuentebella, Long Island City Rock Group David Gigler, Mount Olivet Cemetery Ted Gruber, LIC Community Boathouse Susan Healey, Hallet’s Cove Mr. Ho, PS 111 Jacob Blackwell Terrence Hughes, Salah M. Hassanein Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens Harvey Jaswal, Build It Green! NYC Deidre Karacsony, IS 126 Albert Shanker School for Visual and Performing Arts Mike Karipidis, Checker Management Corporation Stephanos Koullias, Western Queens Compost Initiative Rev. Karen Davis Lawson, St. George’s Episcopal Church Shaun Leonardo, Socrates Sculpture Park Sheila Lewandowski, The Chocolate Factory Theater Clemente Lopes, IS 10 Horace Greeley Osvaldo LoVerme, Teamsters Local 808 Robert Madison, Queensbridge/Riis Senior Center Jennifer Manley, Queens Library Patricia Martin, Information Technology High School Richard Mazda, Secret Theatre Miachel Menasche, U.S. Post Office, Long Island City Dennis Montiel, La Familia Restaurant William T. Newlin, Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement House Takis Papadopoulos, Checker Management Corporation Tony Quercia, U.S. Post Office, Long Island City Eric Ragan, Long Island City School of Ballet Peter Richter, Sunnyside Community Garden Ester Riveros, Les Enfants Montessori School Irina Rokhberg, Long Island City Kids Carol Schafenberg, PS 76 William Hallett Randy Seabrook, PS 111 Jacob Blackwell Lynne Serpe, Two Coves Community Garden Kryss Shane, Ravenswood NORC Kathie Silva, New York Center for Rehabilitation Care Bob Singleton, Greater Astoria Historical Society Catherine Sosa, St. Margaret Mary Church Leanne Spaulding, Western Queens Compost Initiative Pastor Sung, New York Presbyterian Church Dennis Verriello, Queens Library Gary Viola, PS 171 Peter G. Van Alst Judy Zangwill, Sunnyside Community Services Charles Zinc, IS 10 Horace Greeley

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