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Interboro Team wins Rebuild by Design Competition!

Rebuild by Design Jury

A Great Day on the Bay

“Living with the Bay” at Baldwin High School

Rebuild by Design Regional Resiliency Workshop

Rebuild by Design Team in Action

Interboro-led Team wins Rebuild by Design!

“It’s Business Time” Workshop in Cincinnati

Gustafson Guthrie Nichol with VJAA and Interboro shortlisted for Water Works

What’s the Game Plan?

Storefront Now Accepting STAABUCKS!

Interboro in City As Loft Book

Interboro at the Venice Biennale

Arsenal of Exclusion & Inclusion Pinup with our Amazing Team of Interns

The Arsenal of Exclusion at Boston’s Urbano Project

Interboro on Project Independence Radio

Our Office

Support Commonplace, Interboro’s installation at the Venice Biennale

Interboro at Aesthetics Anesthetics

Interboro in Thresholds

Interboro Interview with Public Architecture

Crowdsourcing Images of Stoops in Popular Culture

Holding Pattern Awarded Merit Award from AIANY

New and Improved Arsenal of Exclusion & Inclusion Blog

The U.S. of Them in Esquire

Checking in on Holding Pattern

Interboro on Dead Shopping Mall Parking Lots in Today’s New York Times

Cyburbia Land Use and Zoning Forum

Holding Pattern Phase 2 Continued

Blots in the News

Trees for the Long Island City Post Office


Urban Design Since 1945

Spring, Summer, Fall

Holding Pattern Phase Two Continues

Jerold Kayden on Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

What Happens to a Design Deferred?

Holding Pattern Phase Two

LIC Neighborhood Expo!

Urban Design Week Tour of LIC

Architecture for Everyone

Irish Quilts and Flat Fixes at Holding Pattern


A Brief History of Dance with LIC School of Ballet

Sing Me a Story

Emerging Voices Interview

Opening Day at Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern Press Release

Holding Pattern Newspaper

Glimpses of New York and Amsterdam in 2040

Holding Pattern Volunteers

Canopy Rising

Some People from Long Island City

Holding Pattern Installation

Interboro Wins MoMA PS1 YAP!

Infrastructural Opportunism

Interboro wins Emerging Voices!

Interboro named a finalist in PS1 YAP 2011!

CUP 2010 Annual Benefit

Arsenal of Inclusion: Morningside Gardens

LentSpace on Reality TV Show

Build a Better Burb

Arsenal of Exclusion: (No) Seating for Ticketed Passengers

Interboro at “The City After Abandonment”

New LentSpace Season is underway

Interboro featured in Design through Dialogue

NORCS in NYC on Urban Omnibus

Interboro’s new blog

Interboro is on Facebook!

Interboro at Studio-X

Interboro named Design Trust Fellow

Urban Think Tank at MEx

Interboro in Places

Speedism at the IABR

Interboro Talks to Lars Lerup

IABR Opening

Interboro at slowLab

LentSpace Opening

Lent Space in Today’s Times

Newark Community Meeting

MEx Holiday Party

James Rojas’s Design-Based Urban Planning Comes to Newark

James Rojas’s Design-Based Urban Planning is Going to Rotterdam

Meet Interboro’s new employees

Community Brochure Roundup

Brooklyn Exchanges Up Now at MEx

MICA Arsenal of Exclusion Project up now around Baltimore

Interboro in the Journal of Architectural Education

Interboro in COLUMN

Download Community and the Open City RFP

Greetings from the West Market

Interboro Portraits

Interboro in Architect Magazine

Arsenal of Exclusion Lecture series at MICA

2008 MEx Holiday Party

Thomas Watkin from Collectif OOB at “Metropolitan Exchanges”

Matthew Stadler at the Metropolitan Exchange

Interboro in Urban Infill Number One